Tattoos are a great way to commemorate experiences, give yourself important reminders, or even show your personality and beliefs. The only thing that could make that the experience better is when you do it with someone close to you. And while most of the time that person is a BFF or partner, some get inked with their parents — like Shawn Mendes and his mom.

GQ posted on Instagram to give fans a peek at the “Treat You Better” warbler showing off the new tatt in question, a teeny tiny elephant on his middle finger.

So why an elephant? Mendes explained in the video,”I was trying to convince her to get a tattoo for a while, and this was kind of the only thing that she would do because she’s obsessed with elephants. And they’re pretty cool animals actually if you read about them. So yeah I was pretty pumped to have it. They remember faces and family and friends. They’re very humanly.”

Mendes seemed really excited to finally have found something to match his mom; he was all smiles as he said, “Hers is living on the same finger in the same spot. So it’s pretty funny when you see us together.”

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(Photos via Jonathan Leibson/Getty )