You know what we love above all other party tricks? Photo booths. No matter what the decor theme, what the color palette or what time of year, a party is always a good time to take a million photos like the model you know you are. And you know what’s even better? When it only takes five minutes to pull one super summery photo booth together!

We hit up the B+C Shop to create this festive scene — it’s our way of saying sayonara to summer with a crazy colorful pop! Make one this weekend at your Labor Day BBQ :) Get everything you need to make it happen right here.

Now, time to show you how we rocked it.

1. Turn a Beach Towel into a Bright Backdrop: That’s right — an extra large beach towel makes for the perfect backdrop. And if you’ve got two that match, even better! For this setup, we used the Tallow Luxe Beach Towel ($59):

2. Embellish Your Scene With Paper Garlands: Add dimension to the scene by layering lots of colorful garlands on top of your towel backdrop. We layered up Aqua Garland Paper Dots ($18), Neon Yellow Paper Dots ($18) and the You’re a Gem Banner ($12).

3. Arm Your Party Peeps With Props: What’s a photo booth without props? This Happy, Cheers, Hooray! Pennant Set ($60) instantly adds old school cheer to any series of snaps.

4. Set Up Your Phone as the Camera: Who needs a fancy camera and photographer? Set your phone up on a tripod and pair it with this Bluetooth-powered Remote ($24.99).

5. Use a Fancy Fisheye Lens: This Fisheye Lens ($20) makes its easy to cram all of your besties into one photo and makes sure no one gets cropped out.

6. Get Ready for Your Close-Up: Party time is a good excuse to add a little color to your typical makeup routine. This neon eyeliner tutorial is just what you need!

Now, let’s get snapping!

What are your party essentials? Made any cool photo backdrops we should check out? Share them with us by tagging us on Instagram @britandco.