It’s Thanksgiving and you’re with your fam at your Uncle Jerry’s house. It was all pleasantries at first, but now he’s a couple of beers deep and going all in raving about Trump’s plan for his first 100 days in office. Help! While our current political banter escape plan for Turkey Day was initially wine, wine and more wine, the anti-racism nonprofit Showing Up for Racial Justice just announced a hotline that’s making us reconsider all the vino.

Group of people eating thanksgiving dinner

Instead of avoiding the topic entirely, SURJ wants you to lean into it and use it as an opportunity to have a constructive conversation. You can text the message “SOS” to the number 82623 should find yourself in need of some support while diving into Trump talk over turkey. They’ll shoot you back some talking points to help get a convo started and going in the right direction.

Additionally, SURJ has a Thanksgiving Toolkit full of helpful pointers. It might make for excellent reading material while on the drive to Uncle Jerry’s.

The election will be a giant elephant in the room for many Americans this holiday. And while many are adamant about avoiding it altogether, the setting could prove to be a great place to facilitate a genuine conversation among those you love. Just be sure to go about it in a constructive and respectful way.

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