Olympic gold medal winner Simone Biles made history at the US Gymnastics Championships in Boston on Sunday, winning her fifth title at the event and becoming the first woman in 24 years to be awarded the top score in every single event at a national championship.

But it鈥檚 her self-designed teal leotard that鈥檚 making headlines.

鈥淸The color] is for the survivors,鈥 Biles reportedly said, according to the Associated Press. 鈥淚 stand with all of them and I think it鈥檚 kind of special to unite (people).鈥

Biles told the Associated Press that she鈥檚 been planning her uniform for eight months as a way to honor and support other victims of sexual abuse while sending a direct message to USA Gymnastics, which continues to be criticized for its lack of support of survivors.

Biles admitted earlier this year that she was one of a number of her Team USA teammates to endure sexual abuse by disgraced team doctor Larry Nassar.

Biles has been openly critical of USA Gymnastics鈥 treatment of victims and the organization鈥檚 silence on Nassar. Biles鈥 former teammate and fellow survivor Aly Raisman has also been critical of the organization and has filed a lawsuit against the national athletic governing body, along with a suit against the US Olympic Committee for their failure to protect athletes. McKayla Maroney, another Team USA athlete, is also currently suing USA聽Gymnastics for covering up her abuse.

Throughout Nassar鈥檚 2018 trial, we learned that the聽former team doctor was essentially given free reign by USA Gymnastics to give the sporting body鈥檚 young female athletes what he deemed necessary 鈥渕edical procedures鈥 for more than a decade. More than 160 athletes have since come forward to report abuse that occurred during this time.

Shortly before Biles鈥 winning routine, USA Gymnastics president Kerry Perry avoided journalist鈥檚 questions about the repercussions of Nassar鈥檚 case and the findings that USA Gymnastics failed to act, simply saying that she expects survivors and the organization to be able to stand 鈥渟ide by side鈥 in the future.

(Photo via Tim Bradbury/Getty Images)