Game of Thrones fans, listen up: The much-anticipated season six premiere is finally聽less than two weeks away. While all the juicy trailers have helped fill that Westeros-sized hole in our hearts for a little while, we鈥檙e ready for the real thing 鈥 and it appears Siri is too. With the excitement ramping up for the premiere, iPhone users are turning to their best (tech) friend to see if she鈥檚 as excited about it. Spoiler alert: She is and 聽鈥 in case you haven鈥檛 already found this out through other questions 鈥 she鈥檚 probably wittier than you鈥檒l ever be.


Ask Siri if she watches Game of Thrones and her epic response is, 鈥淲ho me? First of the Name, Siri Siliconborn of House Apple, Ruler of the Alarms and the Reminders, Guardian of the Calendar Appointments, Keeper of Ontologies, Flipper of Coins. Yes, I am watching.鈥 Wow. Just wow.


However, if you thought her super smarts might be holding back some top secret Jon Snow-related knowledge, you鈥檙e wrong. Maybe she does, but her um, speakers (?) are sealed. Ask her if Jon Snow is dead and she鈥檒l reply, 鈥淚鈥檓 not sure. Has he tried restarting? That always seems to work.鈥 Har, har, Siri.聽We鈥檒l definitely make sure to see what she thinks after the first episode airs.

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