This Is Exactly How Celebs Rock the Behind-the-Ears Hairstyle
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This Is Exactly How Celebs Rock the Behind-the-Ears Hairstyle

Minimalistic and chic is how we’d describe the vibes we’ve been feeling from celebrity hair recently. Free of fuss and frills, celeb styles are paring down the bells and whistles in favor of a simple, bold statement — which is exactly what we’re going for with this hair hack we’re about to break down for you. We are obsessed with hair that’s sleekly tucked behind your ears, but it always seems to wiggle out of place, which really messes up the streamlined look of this style. Good news, though: We totally cracked the code to achieving this glossy and flossy ‘do, thanks to this genius hair hack.


We’re going to demo this look rocking a middle part to keep the style simple, but you can play with your part to mix things up. Separate about two inches of hair from each side of your part and gather them at the nape of your neck.


Clip up the hair that’s surrounding the two front pieces you’ve separated. This will ensure your style stays super sleek.

Now, tie the two pieces of hair together with a thin elastic band at the center of the nape of your neck.


Using *only a little bit of product* (not going overboard is key!), smooth down flyaways and baby hairs toward the top of your head.

Ta-da! This hack is magical and truly a game changer! We think it can even banish a bad hair day and allow you to revive day-old hair for a fresh look.

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Hair by Maritza Buelvas

Photography by Jennifer Coffey

Modeling Vanessa Lambert of What Would V Wear