Sometimes you just have one of those days. Whether you’re stoked on life or feeling pretty mediocre, wouldn’t it be nice if your sweatshirt could do all your talking for you? No, we’re not talking about a new high-tech sweater that changes color based on your feelings (although we’re guessing that’s probably not far off), we’re on about this swoonworthy collection of graphic sweatshirts by Anita de Groot.


After eight years of studying fashion, The Dutch designer behind these amazing tops has taken to Kickstarter to help fundraise her first independent collection. Offering playful slogans that read “dude,” “oh,” “nice,” “wild” and “okay” in contrasting patterns, these sweatshirts are a welcome and clever take on the cold-weather classic. Because if you’re going to spend all day in a sweatshirt, it’d be better if it said dude, right?


In her charming campaign video Anita tells you exactly what makes her sweaters different from the rest. In a sweet Dutch accent she says, “Add some color, patterns and some of my humor to the mix and voila, you have a sweater people have to look at – I mean…dude!”

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 5.13.18 PM

To get these snuggly sweaters off the screen and into your closet, Anita de Groot is asking for €2,500 in donations towards her crowdsourcing campaign. As is the case with most Kickstarters, she says all of that is headed straight toward production. To snag one of these pretty pieces, pledge a donation of €50 ($56). If you’re up for spending a little more and getting a personalized slogan, that’ll set you back €80 ($90).

What slogan would you put on your custom sweatshirt? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.