What wouldn’t we do to get glowing skin? From poking our faces with hundreds of tiny needles (AKA micro-needling) to hitting up a facial bar, our skin is the first stop to flawless beauty. Naturally that means we’re always on the hunt for the latest treatment that will get our complexion in tip-top shape. Good news: There’s a new kind of facial in town, y’all, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner are already fans. Scroll below for the low down on slush facials.

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wait, what’s a slush facial?

The slush facial treatment blends flammable acetone and dry ice to together to thoroughly cleanse your face while sloughing off dead, dull skin. It can clear up current breakouts and prevent future ones from forming thanks to the exceptionally drying nature of acetone.

who is it best for?

Those with oily and acne-prone complexions benefit the most from this professional treatment. If you have dry and/or sensitive skin, the ingredients could zap any moisture your already-thirsty skin craves.

how do i try it?

If you’re looking to add this facial to your routine, make sure you head to a trusted dermatologist, like Dr. Christie Kidd in Beverly Hills, who gives the Jenners their treatments. Whether you opt for the treatment or not, consider incorporating the right acids into your skincare routine for a gentler way to give your skin some extra TLC. Lactic acid works on just about everyone, making it a solid alternative and an extremely gentle way to exfoliate and brighten your complexion. As with any new regimen, though, check with your dermatologist first.

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