When it comes to home decor and organization, one of the ongoing themes we always see is hacks for small space. Whether you’re dealing with a dinner party for eight in a kitchenette, a two-week houseguest in a studio apartment or the woes of sharing your space with lots of roommates or family members, making the most of itty bitty spaces left and right. The bathroom is no exception to the small space challenge.

Here are 10 ways to make the most of your itty bitty bathroom!

1. Jewelry Rod: To organize all those long necklaces, use shower rings along with with a rod to keep everything in its right place. (via Lowe’s)

2. Bathroom Drawer Organizer: Ready to take on some serious DIY? This tutorial will show you how to make your own drawer with all sorts of caddies and what not. We’re into it! (via Lowe’s)

3. Candle Jar Makeup Holder: Don’t you think of tossing out that old candle jar, even if it’s still stuffed with old wax — save ‘em, then stack ‘em to make this clear, pyramid makeup organizer. It’s perfect for gals with large cosmetic collections (did someone say, color coding?) ;) (via Life Ann Style)

4. Door Organizer: If you’ve got built in cabinetry but still lack space, try installing door organizers everywhere you can. (via Lowe’s)

5. Gilded China Dish: It’s our go-to technique for updating thrift store finds or hand-me-downs: the gold dip. After a shiny coat of paint, this dish is now as pretty as your makeup. (via Alexandra Hedin)

6. Double Drawer: Behold… the double drawer! For deep drawers that are a pain to manage, create a sort of tiered situation a la this double drawer. Use canisters for hot tools like your blow dryer and flat iron for the lower level. (via Lowe’s + BHG)

7. Custom Makeup Palette: Do you find yourself carrying around a dozen eyeshadow compacts just to use one color from each case? Leave the outcast colors behind and make yourself a custom palette. You’ll not only have to lug less around, but it’ll make you look totally pro. (via Brit + Co.)

8. Use Hooks to Organize Jewelry: Hooks are kind of like Ziploc bags in the usefulness department. There is always something that is in need of a place to hang. (via Lowe’s)

9. Bathroom Drawer Beauty: Is it weird to call a drawer beautiful? Because that’s what we’re calling it. It uses a mashup of organization tools — baskets, acrylic containers, and dividers — to make some sort of serenely stunning collage. (via Macarena Gea)

10. Shower Niche: Finally, if you’re up for a more intensive DIY project, try remodeling your shower and building in a niche such as this. (via Lowe’s)

How do you keep your bathroom both organized and stylish? Talk to us in the comments below.