Whether you’re perfecting the new spring cat eye, sporting fresh pastel beauty products, or wearing a unicorn lipstick topper, it’s fun to get creative with cosmetics. Sometimes, though, it’s a pain to experiment with different looks — not only do you waste a ton of product (and money, TBH), but the process of constantly putting on and removing makeup isn’t doing your skin any favors.

That’s where Smashbox’s new virtual Try-On Studio comes in handy. You can actually play with your makeup without the commitment of doing it IRL (and wasting all those makeup wipes).


The virtual Try-On Studio lets you “wear” any face, eyes, lips, or cheek product from Smashbox, so you can literally see what your potential purchases will look like on you before shelling out dough for them.

Head to smashbox.com/virtualtryon on your desktop or phone, and upload a selfie — no downloading of an app necessary. You can now browse the plethora of Smashbox beauty products or beeline straight to a specific item you’ve been eyeing.


The features on the tool are what makes it stand out, because they allow the images to be so realistic. The intensity customization is key, because not everyone applies products the same way — think about it. Some of us love layering and building up colors until they’re bold AF, while others prefer a more sheer look.

Once you’ve created a look you love, you have a few options: You can save it, share it, or create up to three more looks. If you opt to continue your makeup adventure, you can compare each look side-by-side, which is super helpful when you can’t make a decision.

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(Photo via Smashbox)