Choosing your baby’s name is a tough task to say the least. You could go full celebrity status and opt for something totally unique or add a bit of sentimental value with a classic choice. If you’re on the fence we suggest you take some inspiration from this list the Social Security Administration just released today. The SSA (which has tracked baby names since the 1880s) has compiled all of the most popular names of babies born in 2014. Spoiler alert: Noah comes in as the number one boy name for the second year in a row while Emma moved up to the top from its number two slot in 2013.


The SSA shows that the top five names for both girls and boys have remained relatively the same over the last two years, with the exception of the order changing a bit (for example: the name Sophia fell from 2013’s top pick to number three in 2014). Charlotte came in at number 10 last year, but considering it’s now the name of the newest addition to the royal family, we’re guessing it’s going to jump up quite a few places when the SSA’s 2015 report rolls around.

While the most popular picks have remained top contenders for awhile now, the fastest rising names are a bit more surprising. The Today Show pointed out the fast rising name for boys is Bode (predictably sparked by Olympic skier Bode Miller) and for girls is Montserrat (the name of a popular leading character on a Latin soap opera). Scroll on down to check out the top 10 names for both boys and girls below:

Mothers_Day_191 copy

Official List of the Top Boy Baby Names of 2014

1. Noah

2. Liam

3. Mason

4. Jacob

5. William

6. Ethan

7. Michael

8. Alexander

9. James

10. Daniel

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Official List of the Top Girl Baby Names of 2014

1. Emma

2. Olivia

3. Sophia

4. Isabella

5. Ava

6. Mia

7. Emily

8. Abigail

9. Madison

10. Charlotte

Head over to the Social Security Administration’s site for the full list.

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