Sofia Vergara has good jeans and now she’s ready to share them with you. On Feb 4, the multi-hyphenate talent is launching the latest addition to her fashion empire, Sofía Jeans by Sofia Vergara sold exclusively on With close to 100 items in the denim-focused collection (think jeans in a variety of fits including skinny, straight, and flare styles as well as a selection of jackets and graphic tees), each item is inspired by the women in her family and designed to help you channel a little of Vergara’s trademark confidence. The body inclusive line ranges from size 0-20 and offers women everywhere the kind of approachable sex-appeal that the star has made famous. Below Vergara dishes on the one denim trend she never thought she could pull off and the reason why she loves giving the evil eye.

Brit + Co: What is the one item of clothing or accessory that always gets you compliments?

Sofia Vergara: Yes, and actually it is funny…of course, the jeans. People always compliment me on the way I wear jeans. But I always have an evil eye accessory or detail on my shirt or handbag so that was something that I wanted to incorporate into my line. The tags all have an evil eye because I wanted to make it personal with something that I really wear a lot.

B+C: Is there a history behind the evil eye for you?

SV: I don’t know if it is in the Latin world but a lot of us love the evil eye. My mother used to always have a charm that had an evil eye to protect you from bad energy. I have just collected them because they are beautiful to look at.

B+C: Now that spring is on its way, let’s talk trends. Is there a new trend you could never see yourself wearing?

SV: When boyfriend jeans came out I was like “Who would wear that? That’s horrific! I would never do that!” And for a long long time, I didn’t even try it. Someone gifted me a pair and I kept it in my closet forever. Then one day I went to set and I put them on and I couldn’t go back. I absolutely loved them and now I have a pair in the collection a called the Veronica ($28) and the Paula Jogger ($27) that has the comfort of the boyfriend jean as well but it fits really nice and in a way that is a lot more modern. I had to eat my words.

B+C: What 2019 fashion trend are you dying to try?

SV: I have been seeing a lot of neon shirts and bags and I don’t know…I feel like if I buy a neon handbag or shirt that I could wear them with my jeans but I still haven’t decided.

B+C: What is the one fashion item that you are willing to spend major bucks on?

SV: I usually spend major dollars on shoes and bags because I think you can keep them forever. I mean, and I am not kidding, I have bags that I have had for 25 years and pairs of shoes that I have had for 15. You don’t have to update your shoes or accessories every year. But clothes I spend less so that I can get more stuff and be more fashionable.

B+C: Can you give us an example of one of your go-to pricey bags?

SV: I have a Cartier bag that is like the first expensive bag that I bought 25 years ago.

B+C: I love a Cartier bag. Nobody ever gives them credit.

SV: I love Cartier bags. It is true nobody gives them credit for amazing bags but they are the best.

B+C: What is your favorite way to style your jeans?

SV: I do all of it. I go to the set with a tee and jeans and a puffy jacket and then I wear the same ones with sequins to go and see Cher!

B+C:Has your style changed a lot since you started designing clothes?

SV: Yes, I mean now with Instagram you can see everything that people are wearing. You get more sophisticated and you try new things. But I have forever been a big believer in not being a fashion victim. I try to just wear the stuff that works for me. People will say, “You always look the same when you are on the red carpet!” Yes, I feel like I look great because I know exactly what works for me. I don’t wear the same thing that a girl that has no boobs or hips would wear because on me it would look crazy. So I don’t need to be on top of fashion to the point where I have to wear everything. I just go with what I think works.

B+C: What’s the one fashion item every woman should own for spring 2019 (other than your amazing denim)?

SV: I’ve been seeing a lot of camouflage jackets and I think that is something modern and fresh to add to your wardrobe but a jean jacket is the best. During the winter, you can wear it inside. But then pop it on during spring as it gets warmer and then for summer nights it is perfect.

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