Solange Knowles has done it againfor the third time, actually. She announced (via Instagram, duh) the launch of her third collection with Puma and this one really takes the cake. The two-part campaign, called Word to the Woman, is centered on diversity and features a group of 14 stellar ladies representing a wide range of jobs (doctors + artists + psychologists, oh my!) and varied styles and sizes. This sneaker campaign is about so much more than footwear.


First, let’s talk about the laaaadies! The campaign is made up almost entirely of women of color — finally! We wish we saw more of this *real* normalcy in fashion campaigns and we’re stoked Puma is taking note. The team chose to have many of the models sport neutral colored clothing so consumers could really understand how versatile + universally-flattering the sneakers’ shades are (love that). Knowles and her creative collective, Saint Heron, played a huge role throughout the entire campaign process, including art directing to playing reporter and interviewing each model featured in the photos. The Word to the Woman Instagram features more info on the ladies behind the photos and their stories are SO worth checking out.


Then of course, there are the sneaks. They’re bold, beautiful, uniquely textured and clearly well-thought out from a design standpoint. Can’t-miss yellows, poppy-like reds, bold blues and grassy greens all made their way into the sneaker collection, a colorful spin we’re so looking forward to after spring’s squeaky clean white tennies. We’re loving the sleek look of the classic Puma sneaker paired with the show-stopping colors from this line; they’re the perfect casual-meets-cool footwear.


To all of this, we say, keep doing you/us, Solange.

What do you think of Solange’s new campaign? Let us know your thoughts (and favorite pieces!) in the comment section below.

(h/t Refinery29; photos via @saintrecords + @wordtothewoman; featured photo via Craig Barritt/Getty)