From photo editing to tracking your fertility, it seems like there’s an app for just about everything. While the overwhelming availability of apps satisfies our constant curiosity to tap into what’s going in the world around us (and acts as our partner in crime for snapping those stylish selfies), our constant use drains the battery at lightning speed. There’s nothing more annoying than having your most motivational workout tune drop out due to power shortage in the middle of your morning run, and this UK-based Kickstarter is looking to eliminate this scenario using the power of UV rays.

OnBeat Solar Headphones charge your smartphone or tablet while you rock out in the open air. Equipped with a flexible solar panel headband, these high-quality headphones use solar energy to charge two lightweight batteries stored in each ear cup. When the batteries are fully juiced, OnBeat provides an approximate 0.55W charge capacity, which they say is enough to give a full battery recharge to a mobile phone. Just connect either end of a USB cord to your headphones and phone to get started. The patio at your neighborhood coffee shop will never be the same.

Audiophiles take note: OnBeat delivers premium quality sound in a comfortable design. The fully adjustable headphones filter a wide range of audio to your ears from low thumping bass to precise acoustic detail that you can control with an in-line remote. OnBeat’s ear pads are custom developed to keep your noggin nice and cozy as you knock out entire artist discographies as you tan or dominate your latest Words With Friends game during an al fresco lunch break (A USB charger is included to power your phone on rainy days).

We have high hopes for this eco-friendly headphones set, although it is much less than a quarter short of its lofty 200 thousand pound goal (that currently converts into about 297 thousand US dollars). OnBeat cites that this amount is necessary to complete its initial production run that requires minimum of order 2,500 sets of headphones. So far OnBeat has been able to convince almost 150 folks to back up their project – for about $130 including shipping to the US, you could too! And even bag a dope Kickstarter-only green addition of the typically orange-detailed headphones for the same price.

OnBeat’s rechargeable solar-powered batteries expand the possibilities of staying connected with your smart device wherever the sun is shining. While we’re not sure if your ailing iPad will be fully recharged after a 10 minute milk run or if it will take a 2 hour hike, we appreciate the emphasis on getting more acquainted with the great outdoors to the soundtrack of your choosing.

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