Soleil Moon Frye recently teamed up with Lindt 鈥 yes, makers of those delicious chocolate truffles 鈥 for the chocolate co鈥檚 seventh Gold Bunny Celebrity Auction. Until March 20, you can bid on porcelain versions of the Lindt Gold Bunny that have been autographed by Soleil and other celebs, and 100 percent of the proceeds go directly to Autism Speaks. When she鈥檚 not furthering a wonderful cause, the actress is at home with her family 鈥 and she has a fourth on the way! We caught up with Soleil on all the inspo behind her children鈥檚 creative baby names聽(and even hear her daughter鈥檚 baby name suggestion!), what鈥檚 on her Netflix queue and her pregnancy secret weapon.

鈥淚鈥檇 say most of my time is spent with my family and my kids,鈥 Soleil tells us. 鈥淲e love to cook. We love聽cooking that feast and having that family time together and time to connect and talk. We love creativity and crafting and all those fun things. Whenever I get the opportunity, one of my favorite, favorite things to do is just to go and see a movie. When my husband鈥檚 in town, whether that鈥檚 curling up and watching a movie or binge-watching Netflix or going and seeing a film, that is one of my favorite things to do.鈥 Yep, that sounds pretty darn relaxing.

Soleil Moon Frye Kicks off the Easter Season And The Lindt GOLD BUNNY Celebrity Auction

What鈥檚 in her Netflix queue, you ask? She has a ready answer. 鈥Making a Murderer, I did binge watch that,鈥 she says with a laugh. 鈥淚t鈥檚 a really nice cross between that when I have grown-up time and then I鈥檝e been watching every episode of Popples.鈥 Soleil鈥檚 eight-year-old daughter is in the room with us, so Soleil asks her to jog her memory, and聽Jagger is happy to comply. 鈥淎 couple weeks ago, she had the flu and we stayed in bed and we watched all these movies together,鈥 Soleil says, 鈥淲e watched Her Named Me Malalaand聽Gem and the Holograms.鈥

Soleil and her husband, writer and producer Jason Goldberg, wed in 1998 and have since had three adorable kiddies: Lyric, Jagger and Poet. We asked the聽Robot Chicken聽alum where the inspiration behind each of the names came from. 鈥淧oet was a name that came to us really early on and it just kept coming back over and over. Her middle name is Sienna Rose and we had been in a cathedral in Sienna and had [made] a wish to have a beautiful, healthy baby and got pregnant soon after. Rose was both of our grandparents鈥 names,鈥 Soleil says.

Soleil Moon Frye Kicks off the Easter Season And The Lindt GOLD BUNNY Celebrity Auction

As for eight-year-old Jagger? 鈥淛agger was the strongest little baby in my belly ever,鈥 says Soleil, to which Jagger interjects, 鈥淵ou thought I was a boy.鈥 Her mom replies, 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 know, but she would punch and kick like crazy. She was so strong. Jagger just felt like a very strong name for a girl or a boy. Blue was one of our favorite names so we had to add it to that, and Joseph was my goddad who passed away. So she has her amazing name.鈥 (鈥淛agger Joseph Blue Goldberg,鈥 Jagger chimes in the background.)

鈥淟yric is actually Lyric Sonny Roads and we call him Roadie. We kept seeing these signs everywhere we went that said 鈥楲yric鈥 all throughout the pregnancy. We鈥檇 say, 鈥榃hat should the baby be named?鈥 and we鈥檇 come up on a street sign and it鈥檇 say 鈥楲yric.鈥 Roads, we loved the name Roads and so we call him Roadie,鈥 Soleil tells us. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 really his nickname, that鈥檚 what his dad calls him and that鈥檚 what we all call him all the time. Our little Roadie.鈥 She then points to her belly, 鈥淎nd now this baby, I don鈥檛 know what we鈥檙e going to name it. I need to figure it out! But we all have really different names, so for us it鈥檚 kind of the norm to come up with really fun, crazy ideas.鈥 She laughs again and says, 鈥淢aybe we should just go with a really traditional name instead. It鈥檚 just too much fun.鈥 As for Jagger, she聽definitely聽has an opinion on what her new sibling should be named. 鈥淵ou need to name it a music name. Name it Music, cuz we all have Music names,鈥 Jaggers tells her mom. 鈥淲e鈥檒l see,鈥 is her mom鈥檚 cryptic response.

Soleil Moon Frye Kicks off the Easter Season And The Lindt GOLD BUNNY Celebrity Auction

We also get the actress to dish on her pregnancy secret weapons. 鈥淟ots of water,鈥 she says, 鈥淎nd it鈥檚 been a lot of Egyptian Magic Skin Cream聽($39)聽on my belly. I鈥檝e been putting Egyptian Magic everywhere 鈥 my face, my eyes, my body. It鈥檚 like this amazing, amazing jar of yumminess. It really goes all over my body. I鈥檝e been using a lot of Aquaphor聽($5)聽on my mouth. I鈥檓 like, 鈥極h, the baby needs some on his tush and I鈥檒l put some over here and there.鈥 We go through tubs of it. Aquaphor and Eqyptian Magic. Anything hydrating.鈥 And while this is her fourth pregnancy and she鈥檚 definitely knows what鈥檚 up, Soleil is always open to getting tips from other moms too.

鈥淚鈥檇 love some tips if anybody has some, because I just feel like I鈥檓 constant a mess, clumsy and falling over,鈥 she jokes. Don鈥檛 worry, Soleil, we ALLLL relate.

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