We know what you’re thinking, “No prints or patterns? That doesn’t sound like Brit + Co.” And you’re kind of right. We really love to wear solids with prints, but today we’re stepping out of our comfort zone and checking out one of the hottest new fashion trends — pairing solids together. These 18 well-matched outfits prove just how fabulous this style can really be.

1. Technicolor: Pairing shades of the same color family together is a sure-fire way to attract some attention. The colors end up playing off of each other really well, as you can see. (via The Glamourai)

2. Color Meets Style: Anything goes with a black top… we mean anything, from a super printed mini skirt to this long, neutral midi. It’s time to build up that stylish work wardrobe. (via Atlantic-Pacific)

3. Cotton Candy: Another method is combining colors that have the same vibe. These two cotton candy-esque hues, for example, emit a playful feeling that’s perfect for summer. (via Color Me Courtney)

4. Sisterly Love: We really love houndstooth pea coats, but investing in a solid one is probably a little bit more practical. Quick side note — how stylish are these two sisters?! Looks like being fashionable runs in the family. (via The Glamourai)

5. Outside Lincoln Center: Take a neutral outfit, add a pop of color through a blazer and BAM! You’re the trendiest one around. (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

6. #Kaleurself: This ensemble is the perfect mix of girly and edgy. We love it! (via Fashiontoast)

7. Highlighter: Neon colors are so crazily bright that they tend to go together, no matter what. Careful not to overdo it, though… a little break, like the white pants in this outfit, is advised. (via Color Me Courtney)

8. The Birds: Add a little interest to your monochromatic attire with contrasting textures. We’re huge fans of the smooth structured crop top and pleated midi skirt pictured above. Super modern brides, take note! (via The Glamourai)

9. Black Out: To quote Jay Z, “Get y’all black tees on. All black everything.” Okay, so we’re not sure what that actually means but we’re taking it to mean that an all black look is a classic. Especially if you’ve got a gorgeous fiery hair color like this. (via Sea of Shoes)

10. Tomato: See how well colors in the same family mesh together? This tomato-hued look could easily be worn for a fun summer day outing. (via Color Me Courtney)

11. Sisters in Style: These ensembles are so chic that even Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada would approve of them. A nicely tailored coat is a must-have for a trendy city gal. (via The Glamourai)

12. Cherry Meets Melon: These two colors are generally worn in summer, but they could definitely work for other seasons as well. Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere chose to wear them together during the winter, and the result was a chic masterpiece. (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

13. Four Eyes: Isn’t it interesting how much collars add to an outfit? This color block wonder would be a great choice for a fancy dinner party. (via Atlantic-Pacific)

14. Tibi in Charleston: Texture, texture, texture. It’s one of the most important elements of this solid-colored trend. (via Sea of Shoes)

15. Fall Textures: Structural elements are another great way to mix it up. This asymmetric hemline, for example, makes the skirt stand out despite its subtle shade of pink. (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

16. Think Pink: Bright colors kind of play along the same rules as neons, as can be seen by the beret and coat that style maven Courtney is wearing. Pair ’em with some black accessories and you’re good to go. (via Color Me Courtney)

17. Wedding in the Woods: Now, this almost defies all logic. High collars seem to prevent an intense, solid maxi dress from being, well, too much of one thing. Weird, huh? (via Atlantic-Pacific)

18. Still on a Color Kick: All in all, our advice is to come up with a color palette you love, and play off of that. This navy and rust combo, for example, is exactly what we’d pick for a casual day in the fall. Summer, we’re not so sad to see you go after all :'( (via The Glamourai)

So, are you willing to give prints a tiny break? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!