Last week Nasty Gal’s founder and best-selling author Sophia Amoruso stopped in B+C’s fine city of San Francisco to chat with our very own Brit Morin about everything from news of a second book to what it means to be successful to her obsession with reality TV. The #girlboss was full of comedic remarks on her ultra-glamorous life, and she even shared some insider knowledge about what may lie ahead for Nasty Gal (a cosmetic line, perhaps?!), but we made sure to pay extra close attention when one audience member asked, “If you could give one piece of advice to a recent college grad struggling to land their first job, what would it be?”

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In response to this question, Sophia said, “I would say pester people. Be persistent, send a handwritten note, make sure to present yourself impeccably. Don’t have public social media unless you look awesome. Don’t be partying and have a public Instagram profile where you’re doing kegstands.”

Sophia went on to say that before she conducts an interview with a potential employee she always tries to snoop on their social media profiles and sometimes will even take a peek at their image search results. Sophia came clean about her stalking habits, but you can bet about 90% of bosses will do the same. If you’re in the job market, a clean Instagram and Twitter could be just as important as that resume and cover letter.

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(Photo via John Sciulli/Getty)