Last night in San Francisco a giant bus with Sophia Amoruso’s face on it pulled up in front of the historic Roxie Theatre. The author, original #girlboss and star of the first video of our new series (!!!) came to town to chat with our very own Brit Morin about her success, struggles and what adventures lie ahead for both her and her company. Sophia was on tour to chat about her best-selling book, #Girlboss (which now comes in paperback), but last night she revealed to the audience that she also has ANOTHER book in the works. Don’t mind us while we do a little happy dance.

Paperback Launch of #GIRLBOSS With Sophia Amoruso And Whitney Cummings

While chatting with Brit, Sophia told the audience, “I’m working on a second book that I’m really excited about, It’s called Nasty Galaxy.” She says that this book will follow a bit less of an autobiographical format. Instead, it will include things like music recommendations and tid bits about what inspires her. You’ll also find Q&As, some of her favorite quotes and of course, a few funny stories about the crazy situations Amoruso’s finds herself in. One story she teased on stage is about “a time I pooped my pants.” She says, “I was sixteen and was at a boy’s house” but stops there. “You’ll have to get the book to find out the rest.”

Paperback Launch of #GIRLBOSS With Sophia Amoruso And Whitney Cummings

Sophia is still working on Nasty Galaxy so you’ll have to wait awhile until you get your hands on a copy, but in the meantime she also announced that she’s launching a podcast called #GirlbossRadio that will profile women and their inspiring stories. Sophia wouldn’t reveal which women specifically because, “What if someone gets sick?” she worries, but you’ll find out soon enough. The podcast is set to be available on iTunes the week of October 19.

What are you hoping to find in Amoruso’s second book? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via Charley Gallay/Getty)