There’s been a lot in food progress and food innovation — not just the battle over GMOs and trans-fats, but things like apps to help you make better food choices, the farm-to-table-movement and even a placemat that keeps your phone away from the dinner table. But there’s something new on the scene that will make the 13-year old Limited Too shopper in you go wild. The Imperial Spherificator wants to turn all your food into… Dippin’ Dots?


Yep! There’s much more technology behind it, but tiny food pearls get us very excited. The concept is simple — if there’s a food you can blend into a liquid and put into a syringe, the Imperial Spherificator can make it into little dollops of caviar-like heaven.


Taking cues from the molecular gastronomy world, the magic ingredient is sodium alginate. When combined with water and calcium chloride, it forms little spheres. The mechanisms behind the device are packaged and delivered in a user-friendly design, making the process super easy for the average home cook.


The Imperial Spherificator is on Kickstarter and has already surpassed its $60k goal, reaching well over $100,000. Depending on how much you donate, you can get an “old school” syringe kit, or the actual Spherificator. Either way, get ready to play with your food. Sriracha pearls, anyone?!

What would you make into “caviar?” Tell us in the comments!