Forget about the pink plastic facades and top-down convertibles that Barbie and friends live in. The dolls who have the privilege of occupying this luxurious three-story mini-mansion are living in our real-life dream home, complete with a gourmet kitchen, fully furnished bedrooms and a rooftop pool and terrace.

The designers, from Mumbai-based Architecture Brio, created the Spiral Dollhouse, a cross between a 1/6 scale version of a minimalist dream home, architectural model and doll diorama.

Yes, it’s even got a baby grand piano and built-in bookshelf space under the stained teak wood staircase.

The natural materials of birch ply, rosewood and brass are accented with modern geometric textiles and Mad Men-esque furnishings. Barbie catches up on Instagrams over coffee in the dining room while Skipper enjoys Saturday morning cartoons (that’s still a thing, right?) with her Cheerios. On an iPhone screen TV, natch.

The designers thought of every last detail, from working light switches to built-in pocket doors lined with rice paper to maximize the flow of natural light into dining areas, like this mod eat-in area. Seriously, we want those chairs.

Timber slat windows ensure privacy in the bathroom, and little touches like a vanity mirror and bowl sink keep in line with the sleek, contemporary aesthetic.

If the dolls are all tuckered out from playing, they can take naps in these dreamy beds. Who wouldn’t want to get tucked into those colorful linens? While these stylish dolls are slumbering in architectural dreamland, we’ll bookmark our favorite sections of the house as design inspo for our future dream casa.

What design inspo do you take from this mini-mansion? Tell us in the comments.

(h/t Gizmodo)