If you’re tired of dealing with cluttered nightstands and messy dressers, maybe it’s time for a change. After all, your bedroom should encourage happy dreams, which can get totally blocked by anxiety-inducing bedside tables. And since we spend a third of our lives sleeping (aka watching Netflix) in that space, the bedroom is a great place to start that spring cleaning purge for the new sunny season. We chatted with organization expert Jeffrey Phillip about some sure-fire ways to spruce up your bedroom. His simple and totally doable tips will help you make your bedroom more comfortable and organized. See all of the must-toss items below, and get ready to tackle your bedroom project in the coming week.


1. The Collection of Half Empty Water Bottles (Or Cups) on Your Nightstand: Points for staying hydrated. Now go recycle all those empty bottles, and put your mugs in the dishwasher.

2. The Alarm Clock That Has Been Replaced by Your Phone: Yes, that old school clock is adorable, but can you remember the last time you used it? Switch out the clock you no longer use with a stylish stand for your phone, so you can still see the time, but save yourself some valuable nightstand space.

3. Your Beach Books, Romance Novels and Crime Thrillers: Paperbacks were made to read and pass on to the next reader. Unless you passionately connected with the characters, donate those old reads to make room on your nightstand for new spring stories.


4. The Loose Change on Your Dresser and in Your Nightstand Drawer: Never underestimate the power of a pocketful of change. Those pennies and quarters add up, so gather it up and take it to the bank for some CA$H!

5. The Charger in Your Nightstand That Belongs to the Device You No Longer Use or Own: It’s highly unlikely you’ll magically find those old iPhone cables work with your new iPad, so you might as well get rid of ’em. Make it a good deed and donate them to your local thrift store, or recycle them.

6. The Busted Picture Frame on Your Dresser That No Longer Stands Up Properly: We promise you’ll find a picture frame that you love just as much as that broken one. Take a stroll through your favorite home goods store, and you’ll find it for sure.

7. Old Linens Hiding Under Your Bed: Still holding on to that pair of flannel sheets you keep as backup? Or the towels that are so soft they’re almost see-through? It’s okay to get rid of those. Look for a sale and stock up on bright new threads for a fresh look.

8. Meaningless Tchotchkes That Found a Home on Your Dresser: Nightstands and bedside tables are clutter magnets. Take a serious look at the things that bring you joy and the things you use on the daily, and then ditch the rest.

9. Extra Bottles of Hand Lotion Stacked Several Deep on Your Dresser and Nightstand: Let’s be honest: There are scents you reach for over and over again, and there are scents that you try once and forget about. Keep your faves and give the others to friends who like them better.

10. Old Pairs of Reading Glasses: Wait, don’t throw out those old prescription lenses. You can donate them, and give them a happy second life helping someone else out.

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