We鈥檝e all knocked something off of our bedside tables in the middle of the night. Cluttered nightstands can feel inevitable, with our phone, tablet, latest novel *and* glass of water always within arm鈥檚 reach (because no matter how thirsty you are, it takes real courage to leave those cozy covers at 3 am). Fortunately, our friends at IKEA have products that can make your bedroom more comfortable and organized so you can have a better start to your day. So today, with the help of IKEA, we鈥檙e here to tackle your nightstand woes via a few simple tricks and smart, sensible products. It鈥檚 part of our larger campaign to streamline our daily routines so that we can make more time for creativity. Want to join us? Take part in our Daily Creativity Challenge!

Here鈥檚 how it works: We challenge you to spend 20 minutes every day for a week (or a month!) doing something creative that is out of your ordinary routine. Ideally, we鈥檇 like you to do this in the morning or evening, so you can see how a quick creative exercise affects the start or end of your day, especially if you鈥檝e used IKEA products to organize yourself. Record your practice (snap a photo!) and share it with us on Instagram using #iamcreative. We鈥檒l share our favorites right here on brit.co.

Let鈥檚 get this nightstand in shape!


1. Choose a nightstand with drawers: We鈥檙e all about maximizing vertical storage, so a bedside table with drawers is a no-brainer. Store the not-so-pretty essentials away and save the nightstand surface for stuff you love to look at.


2. Compartmentalize within the drawers: Minimize the sleepy rummaging struggle by adding inserts within the drawers and organizing each compartment by product. You can also stow your everyday jewelry on a dish within the drawer for super safe-keeping.


3. Be smart about where you store personal stuff: This nightstand has a hidden drawer *within* a drawer, making it ideal for stashing that top-secret diary and personal chocolate supply.


4. Use a rimmed coaster to reduce spilling: And why not decorate it while you鈥檙e at it? Grab a rimmed coaster and some paint pens to safely house your glass of H2O in style.


5. Switch your table lamp out for a clip-on: Opt for a mountable light that attaches to your bed to maximize tabletop space. Bonus: The adjustable arm means light only goes where you want it.


6. Store bedtime reading in a magazine rack: This tip is especially handy for those of you who are always reading three books at once. Vertical storage is *always* the answer, folks.


BONUS: Meet your nightstand鈥檚 buddy: the storage stool. The more the merrier when it comes to these guys 鈥 you can use one for laundry, one for umbrellas (a much smarter alternative to leaning it against your nightstand, which you could trip over in the middle of the night 鈥 eek!) and one for the odds and ends that you *intend* to put away next time. These ones from IKEA neatly nest together, making them easy to stow away when you need more space.


There you have it 鈥 seven tricks for a nightstand that won鈥檛 get in the way of your peaceful slumbers. Sleep tight!


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This post is a collaboration with IKEA.

Authored by: Maddie Bachelder
Styling + DIY Production: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Chris Andre