Today’s the first day of a brand new season, so it’s time to give that desktop of yours a much-needed update. If you’ve still got a Christmas tree on your screen, say good tidings. If it’s a New Year’s resolution adorning your workspace, resolve that ish! With spring comes new beginnings, fresh flowers and all sorts of beautiful colors. And your workspace should reflect that.

1. Squares: Add a little mint into this scene and this looks just like the blinds at Brit HQ! (via Simple Desktops)

2. Bright and Cheery Painted Wallpaper: Turn your desktop into a rotating art gallery and go for painterly designs like this one. (via Sarah Hearts)

3. Ice Cream Pop: Too soon for popsicles? Maybe, but we don’t care ;) (via Simple Desktops)

4. You Got This: Still in need of some motivation, even after resolution season has passed? Don’t worry about it, dude, you got this. (via The Sweet Escape)

5. Colorful Cacti: We love the textures, colors and shapes in this cactus design. (via Design*Sponge)

6. Jungle Flowers by KT Smail: This is sort of like Rifle Paper meets Kate Spade, but with a more watercolor feel. (via Designlovefest)

7. Shortcut by Jo Cao: Neon signs and inspiration? We’ll take it. (via Design Milk)

8. Multi-Colored Bunting: Bunting is always our jam. (via Sarah Hearts)

9. Karolin Schnoor Flowers: This sort of looks like the kind of flora you’d find in outer space. (via Design*Sponge)

10. Sword by Sara Jensen: Whoa. Love this juxtaposition. (via Design Milk)

11. Technology by Julieta Felix: Agree or disagree? We see both sides of the story around here. (via The Fox is Black)

12. Jordan Sondler Cactus: More cacti! They’re way easier to take care off than perennials anyway ;) (via Designlovefest)

13. Inspiration by Daniel Patrick Simmons: Miss your analog desktop? Put it right up on the screen with this fun option. (via The Fox is Black)

14. Garrafinha de Areia CE: Forget a message in a bottle — this is all about a vacation in a bottle. (via Simple Desktops)

15. Beautiful Day by Mike Perry: This playful illustration is a great way to start this new season right. (via The Fox is Black)

16. Pink Watercolor by Katie Fiddler: A beautiful wash like this will put your mind at rest. (via Designlovefest)

Bonus! Burger Time: And finally, it’s BURGER TIME. (via Simple Desktops)

How often do you change your desktop? Talk to us in the comments below.