We know it’s still November, but we can’t help but get into the holiday spirit. And we’re not just talking about wrapping paper, cocktail dresses, and decking out our kitchens. We’re talking about adding a bit of cheer to our computers. Nerdy? Yes. Awesome? Also yes. Why not mix things up on the background of your computer by queueing up one of these 20 beautiful (and free!) holiday desktop wallpapers? Your computer will thank you.

1. Christmas Camper: First up, let’s do a little Christmas camping! This teeny tiny camper in the middle of your screen is a funny play on scale, especially on a big 27-inch display. (via How About Orange)

2. Merry and Bright: Merry and bright are definitely two words that ring true around here during the holidays. It’s like Santa’s Workshop! :) (via Grown Up Shoes)

3. Penguins and Jellies: Penguins like the cold. Winter is cold. So penguins make a perfect winter wallpaper, of course. (via The Fox is Black)

4. Holiday Holly: This festive pattern would also make pretty awesome wrapping paper, don’t you think? We love the simplicity of the pattern and the plaid holly leaves here and there. (via Sarah Hearts)

5. Bookworm: Maybe you’re looking for a more photographic background? This cute portrait makes us think of Christmas bedtime stories and holiday cocktail parties all at the same time. (via Ruche)

6. Owl Wallpaper: When are owls ever not awesome? Never! We love this pair of cuties set in a holiday color palette. (via The Caroline Johansson)

7. Scalloped Wallpaper: Doesn’t this look like it’s a screenshot straight out of an ’80s video game? We love the extreme simplicity. (via How About Orange)

8. Elves and Gifts: That’s right – WordPress totally makes wallpaper themes. And even though we can’t totally get behind the logo placement in this one, we do love that pile of presents. (via WordPress)

9. Oh The Weather: But the fire is so delightful, isn’t it? ;) (via The Fox is Black)

10. May Your Holidays Be…: Merry & Bright! Yes, we included two wallpapers featuring this saying, but it’s just so… bright! (via Ciera Design)

11. A Holly Jolly Holiday: We will never be sick of chalkboard background. Ever. (via The Henry Ford)

12. Tribal Print: Technically this was made for a summer wallpaper, but we think there’s something very holiday sweater about it. Actually, this pattern would probably make for the coolest ugly sweater in the world. (via Handmade in the Heartland)

13. Poinsettias: Poinsettias don’t always have to be cheesy and weird. They can be graphic, poppy, and beautifully designed. (via Lynn and Lou)

14. Antlers: For an extremely minimalist option, go for antlers and channel your inner Rudolph. This would also make for an amazing photo backdrop. (via Simple Desktops)

15. Confetti: The holidays are all about celebration, so throw some virtual confetti right up on your screen. (via Fellow Fellow)

16. Ice-Covered Type: Nice ice, dude. Love this play on logos of our childhood. (via The Fox is Black)

17. Graphic Wreath: Want something a little more traditional? These vector art wreaths make for a super festive desktop. (via Sarah Hearts)

18. Yolo: Gilded yolo. What more do you need to see? (via Design Love Fest)

19. Forest: We are pretty into this geometric little forest. In fact, we might just make some handmade stamps inspired by this very design! (via Breanna Rose)

20. How Strange It Is: And last, a tree-covered quote from Alice in Wonderland by way of Neutral Milk Hotel. It is rather strange, isn’t it? (via Breanna Rose)

Which of these wallpapers will you download for your computer? Tell us your favorites in the comments below.