There’s nothing like months of damp, gray, cold weather to put us in a beauty rut, but come spring we are ready to break out of hibernation. And almost always this starts with a new ‘do.

Our first priority when considering a new style is how long it will take us to get ready every morning. When we find a look we love that only takes a few minutes, that’s the style for us. Here are 18 5-minute hairdos that will transform your look without adding hours to your morning routine. You’re welcome!

How do you know when you are ready for a new style? Some of us keep the same cut for years, and that’s fine if we’ve found the style that suits us like no other can. However, if you are just keeping the same look because it’s easy or it’s comfortable, it’s time to shake it off. A look into your closet can help you get real with yourself. Are the clothes that are hanging there the same ones that were hanging there last year? Did you add any new clothes in the past 12 months? If the answer is no, girl, you are stuck in a rut and it’s time to “spring” free.

If you are just not ready to go under the knife… um, scissors, you can change up your existing style with just a little effort. Here are 15 5-minute hair hacks that will save the day on those mornings when comatose you slammed on the snooze.

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