Guys, spring has sprung, and the time for gardening your green(ish) thumbs away is NOW. For all you newbie gardeners or wannabe DIY planter pros, we’ve got something to help your spring garden grow into a bounty of delish veggies. No more worrying about the shade nature throws onto your green space or gambling your baby plants’ lives away with the under/overwatering dilemma. This graphic and free printable will help you stay on top of your gardening game for many seasons to come *and* will have homegrown veggies on your table just in time for all those summer parties you plan on hosting. Keep scrolling, because veggie garden 101 is now in session.


Most of these veggies will grow best in early-to-mid-spring, and some can also be grown well into summer. Just make sure you’re watering daily and consistently. Vegetables aren’t big fans of changes in their soil consistency, watering times or daily amount of water. Be sure you do your research before you get started for germination advice and planting distances to avoid any mishaps. Check out Brit’s awesome edible garden for some IRL garden-planning advice.

You can DL the Veggie Garden 101 Printable here to get started. Pin it, frame it, hang it by your gardening tools or cut out individual veggie squares and laminate them for your garden to always be in the know. Either way, this veggie garden 101 will pave the way for your lean, mean, veggie-growing machine. Happy planting!

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