Guys, we’re getting the band back together. Well, not back together. We’re building the band. Literally. From robots. Okay, we can’t take credit for this musical machine masterpiece — Tom Jekinson aka DJ Squarepusher, collaborated with Japanese robot band Z-Machines for a five-song EP called Music for Robots. How cool is that idea? Really cool, as this behind-the-scenes video of how it all came together reveals. It seriously made us look, listen, then bang our heads. Watch below and make sure you have the lighter app downloaded and ready to blaze.

It’s like Making the Band – O-Town + BattleBots. And while this band’s lead guitarist is no Ashley Parker Angel, we’re still pretty impressed by the shredding going on in that video. If you’re worried about your own symphonic skills in comparison maybe it’s time to start practicing. And just remember, there is still something that robots can’t beat us at: ping-pong.

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(Photo: NPR)