We love sriracha so much we could drink it. And now we can. Without even having to twist open that kelly green cap! USA-made UV Vodka is adding Sriracha to their lineup of already-inventive flavors. We’re sure there’s a time and a place for their “candy bar” vodka, the “sweet green tea” variety and the mysterious “Blue” version — but Sriracha Vodka’s time is 24/7, starting now.

Made with all-natural flavors, the new booze is peppery, spicy and begging to kick up your favorite cocktails. And at $12 a bottle, it’s a budget buy for your bar cart or next brunch potluck. UV’s site has some delicious recipes and we don’t even have to wait ‘til 5 o’clock to share them!

Sriracha Bloody Mary?! If we are being totally honest there, our true drink of choice is a Nighttime Bloody Mary (any Bloody Mary drunk after 6pm, for those of you who aren’t mixologists, duh). It sometimes gets a raised eyebrow, so we think Sriracha Vodka will help bring more awareness to our crusade to extend the life of a Bloody well past brunch.

Summer is coming and beer is so BBQ 2012. Instead, mix up some bro bubbly with Sriracha Vodka. Do you think UV got this idea from The Flying Tomato in our March Madness Cocktail roundup?! It’s cool if they did.

We could talk Sriracha Vodka-spiked cocktails all day — but let’s hear yours! Leave us your ideas for BAM-filled booze sips below!