We’re in the final stretch before The Most Important Day in October: Halloween. You know we’re right. I mean, who doesn’t love going to costume parties and eating candy? Going shopping for the perfect costume, however, can be expensive and overwhelming, so why not make your own? We’ve got about a million group costumes and couples’ costumes on the site, and plenty of pet costumes if you’re taking your dog out trick-or-treating. Today’s costume is for all you Star Wars lovers out there. We’ve got the perfect way to DIY an outfit inspired by R2D2.

Star wars costume (1)


R2D2 template

– iron-on transfer paper

– 40-inch blue ribbon

– white top

– polystyrene (or foam) ball


– knife

– scissors

– iron

– glue gun

– black and blue Sharpies

Step (1)

1. First, we’re going to make R2D2’s head. Take your polystyrene ball and use your knife to cut it in half.

2. Then draw five blue shapes on the top of the ball as shown below. Keep adding details with your blue Sharpie.

3. Next, use your black Sharpie to draw the outline of the blue shapes and add a couple of black lenses as well.

4. Finally, glue this piece to the middle of your ribbon and ta-dah! You’ve got yourself an R2D2 headband.

5. Last but not least, print our template on a sheet of iron-on transfer paper, cut the excess and place it image-side down onto your shirt and iron.

6. Let everything completely cool and peel off the transfer paper. You’re done!

step 2

Let’s start with the head of the droid. Take a polystyrene ball and cut it in half. Draw the top of R2D2 on half of the ball using your blue Sharpie. Then use your black sharpie to outline the elements and add a couple of circles to make the lenses. Finally, take your blue ribbon, find the middle and glue the little piece in place. Voilà! You’re ready to wear your headband.

Step (3)
Step (4)

At this point it’s time to create the droid body. You can print your own design or download our template, but be sure to set your printer to “photo quality” for the best results. Now cut your design, leaving a 1/4-inch border. Place it onto your white top or tee and iron it image-side down. Since the template is quite big, we suggest you iron for at least two minutes, applying firm but even pressure. Check the producer’s instructions for best results. Lastly, let everything completely cool and slowly remove the paper. You’re done.

Star wars costume (3)

I decided to wear a blue tulle skirt to complete the look, but you can definitely choose any skirt or pants that you like.

Star wars costume (2)

Did you ever think a geek costume could be this cute and girly?

Star wars costume (4)

Which costume are you planning on wearing to your Halloween festivities this year? Let us know in the comments below.