For tea lovers, Starbucks’s sister store Teavana is nothing short of tea Heaven. With 379 stores across the country, you can get your tea fix — in practically any flavor — any time you want. But Starbucks just dealt a rather heavy blow to non-coffee drinkers in the form of its annual financial report: The beverage giant has decided to ditch all of its Teavana stores by as early as spring 2018. Nooooo!

Citing a “strategic review” of their sister outlets and concluding that they were “underperforming,” Starbucks Corp’s findings read as follows: “The company [has] concluded that despite efforts to reverse the trend through creative merchandising and new store designs, the underperformance was likely to continue. As a result, Starbucks will close all 379 Teavana stores over the coming year, with the majority closing by spring 2018. ”

The estimated 3,300 workers impacted by the decision will “receive opportunities to apply for positions at Starbucks stores” as a result of the massive hiring blitz the chain is promising over the next few years.

Still, it did little to quell the ire of fans who were both devastated and angry over the news.

RIP, Teavana. RIP.

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(h/t Elite Daily; photo via Starbucks)