Check Out the Stars You Totally Forgot Appeared on Gilmore Girls
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Check Out the Stars You Totally Forgot Appeared on Gilmore Girls

With the Gilmore Girls finally returning to Netflix next month, we’re not only gobbling up every peek into the new episodes, but we’re also looking back at what made us fall in love with the series in the first place. The quirky charms of the main cast and the beloved regular characters brought so much to the show, but you’d be surprised who else was there. Check out the stars you totally forgot appeared on the Gilmore Girls.

First, there were the handful of famous folks who played themselves during the show’s seven seasons. Madeline Albright, Norman Mailer and Paul Anka are just a few we could mention. And when it came to musical acts, the Gilmore Girls managed to books bands like The Shins, The Bangles and Sonic Youth.

But which stars played minor roles? Check it out!

Rami Malek may have won an Emmy for his starring role on Mr. Robot, but his very first on-screen role was as Andy in the Gilmore Girls episode In the Clamor and the Clangor.

Jane Lynch, our fave vicious cheer coach, appeared in the very first season as a nurse in the episode Forgiveness and Stuff, when Richard is rushed to hospital after collapsing at the Christmas party.

We all loved Nick Offerman on Parks and Recreation, but before that he played Jackson’s brother, Beau Belleville, in two episodes of the Gilmore Girls, The Festival of Living Art and Always a Godmother, Never a God.

You might recognize Seth MacFarlane more for his voice work and association with Family Guy, but he actually appeared on three different episodes of the Gilmore Girls over three seasons (one where merely his voice was heard) and played two different characters.

Before Max Greenfield was Schmidt in New Girl, he was a drunk dude named Lucas in season four of the Gilmore Girls.

Brandon Routh, who you might recognize from 2006’s Superman Returns, was another Jess on the Gilmore Girls, appearing in Concert Interruptions.

Victoria Justice may be known these days as a Nickelodeon star and for her appearance on Rocky Horror Picture Show, but her very first gig was as “Jill #2” in season four’s The Hobbit, the Sofa, and Digger Stiles.

If you haven’t caught an episode of Timeless yet, you’re probably going to want to, as it’s one of the hits of this season. On it, you’ll catch Abigail Spencer, who appeared on the Gilmore GirlsBridesmaids Revisited, where Rory finds out that Logan has slept with more than a few of his sister’s friends.

Do you happen to remember Jon Hamm appearing on the Gilmore Girls? Yep, the future star of Mad Men played Peyton Sanders in season three’s Eight O’Clock at the Oasis.

How many of these guest stars did you remember? Perhaps it’s time to go back and rewatch their episodes to see how much they’ve changed (or stayed the same) since their GG days.

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