We know it’s a little early to be planning your + your family’s Halloween costumes (PS: we don’t think it’s EVER too early to be in Halloween planning mode, tbqh) but it’s time to rewrite the rules with the launch of the Disney Maleficent exclusive capsule collection by Stella McCartney Kids.

We’re used to wanting all of the Stella McCartney all of the time for ourselves, but we can play nice and share with her new costume collection for stylish mini-make believers. Based on the iconic characters (whether from the movie of your childhood or the one Angelina Jolie is about to star in), the Maleficent ($140) and Aurora ($170) dresses are almost too pretty for play.

A purple velvet headdress, foil bat printed removable wings and padded spikes primp out Maleficent, while a viscose crepe bodice and full tulle skirt with gold floral embroidery makes your Aurora the prettiest princess in all the land.

Yes, it makes us a little weak to think about spending $140 or $170 on a children’s costume, Halloween or otherwise, but there are a couple things to keep in mind. I don’t know if I’m alone here, but the, maybe, three or four outfits in my “costume trunk” growing up were treasured and worn on rotation until I outgrew them. Thank god for little brothers to pass them on to, right? An even better point to point out: 10% of the sale of each costume will be donated to charity SOS Children’s Villages, which supports community outreach programs and provides a home for abandoned, orphaned or vulnerable children.

Hmm, you could also just donate to that worthy charity and DIY your own at home! The best part about a Halloween-friendly reveal all the way in May means crafty ‘rents have five months to stitch up their own versions of Stella’s Maleficent and Aurora dresses at home in time for trick or treating and endless make believe sessions ever after. And, while you’re at it, we’ll take the grown up versions too, please!

What is your favorite (to this day!) costume you had growing up? What’s the best one you’ve made for yourself or a little one since then? Dish below!