Muscle aches. Back pain. Carpal Tunnel. These are all fears, and often realities, for those of us who are behind a desk all day. It seems like there’s always a new study showing how detrimental it is to sit for long periods of time — we humans were not built for it! Well, consider your prayers answered. Instead of shelling out thousands for a standing desk, or wearing those clunky wrist guards, you can get a StorkStand!

Invented by Mike Goldberg of San Francisco, and funded by Kickstarter, StorkStand is a streamlined and affordable standing desk that attaches to any adjustable office chair. No, Goldberg isn’t a rocket scientist — he just took his idea to TechShop. A maker space in SF where tons of designers, engineers and everyday people meet, share ideas and build things, he was able to flush out the design of StorkStand and make a prototype.

The result? This totally mobile work station that is made of sleek maple, only weighs 4.2 pounds (AKA less than your MacBook Pro) and can fit into whatever fashionable bag you take to work. All you do is strap in and stand up! You can even adjust it to one of three angle settings to find that perfect fit.

Since standing desks these days can cost upwards of $3,000, StorkStand is changing the market by offering a product that’s affordable — it’s only $199! In other words, you can buy 10 of them for the price of one full standing desk, and outfit your entire office on the cheap. We think that deserves a standing ovation.

Know of an affordable standing desk alternative? Get out of your chair and let us know in the comments below!