Giving birth is as intense as it is magical, and sometimes shared with just the new parents, sometimes shared with family members and sometimes shared with thousands of random strangers from all over the world. If you’ve ever wanted to record your birthing experience, you could opt for classic camera-based photography, a Go-Pro or, if you’re really on point with current trends, you’ll jump onto Facebook and broadcast the birth live to thousands of people, like one California couple just did.


New dad Fakamalo Kihe Eiki was behind the camera, and captured every moment of his wife’s labor. Tina Teaki Kanongataa Sapoi welcomed her new little one into the world on May 16 with more than 2000 people tuning in to the live feed, and even more checking out the posted vid after-the-fact.

Although Facebook’s live video feature has become instantly popular and used for everything from Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike Live announcement to Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s adorable duet, live birthing for total strangers is definitely a new use for the feature. Although it’s surely not for everyone, it’s an incredibly wild peek at an amazing natural event.

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(h/t Salon, photos via Getty)