It’s hard to believe that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban just celebrated their 10th anniversary (perhaps with an anniversary date inspired by their horoscope, or maybe with a cake and special trinket like Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris on their first anniversary), because they seem just as much in love as the first time they hit the red carpet together. As if we needed any more proof that they may in fact be the most adorable couple in the industry, they’ve given us yet another reason to swoon over their love. Sitting together in their vehicle, the two perform a spontaneous duet just for Facebook Live and OMG it’s just so sweet.

Keith shared a link to the vid over Twitter of the single from his latest album Ripcord. The original duet was with Carrie Underwood, but we think Nicole does just fine.

Jumping into the car with an excited, “OMG, I love this song!” Nicole goes on to not only lip-sync (and at times you can hear her sing a little) as well as adorably act out the lyrics. Keith in turn sings each line to Nicole, telling her how thankful he is to be with her and promising to protect her. *Swoon*

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

Although this is all fun and sweetness, with Nicole having shown off her pipes in the past for movies like Moulin Rouge, and these two having amazing chemistry no matter what they do together, we wouldn’t mind hearing an actual duet pro-recorded from the pair.

While we keep our fingers crossed, you can check out the sweet vid for The Fighter above.

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(Photos via Ilya S. Savenok, David Becker/Getty)