You know that cute wallet you just bought? Well, sorry, because the tech gods have been doing everything in their power to make cute wallets obsolete, from storing all your cards in one app to turning your iPhone into your debit card. But you know what? That’s okay, because we’re notorious for constantly forgetting to carry our gift cards. And we can never find the right members’ rewards card when we need it. Which is why we need Stratos ASAP.


Using the Stratos card reader, you simply swipe all of your cards to store them in the app and on the Bluetooth-connected Stratos card. Yup, that even includes those Sephora Beauty Insider and Starbucks Gold cards. The days of fumbling through your chunky wallet are behind you, dear. When you’re ready to pay, just double tap your card against your phone and the app will suggest which cards to use based on your location and history. So even if you forgot that Auntie Rose gave you a Starbucks gift card last month, Stratos will remind you to use it.


We know what you’re thinking: “How can this be safe when basically my entire life is stored on a piece of plastic?” Well, if you ever misplace your card, you can deactivate it from your phone. What if you find your card again five minutes later? Just double tap it on your phone and all is well with the world again. Speaking of security, Stratos protects your info using bank-level encryption, so your account numbers are always hidden.


Whether you need to hit the ATM for some extra cash or swipe into your yoga class, Stratos has you covered. The card is battery powered, and it’ll alert Stratos when the battery is getting low. From there, they’ll send you a new one. Stratos membership even includes exclusive discounts and offers. Who needs a black card?


All of Stratos’ features are pretty cool, but we think we’re most psyched about the fact that we can use it anywhere. It doesn’t matter if your grocery store doesn’t accept Apple Pay, and ATMs are once again at our beck and call. Sign us up.

Would you trust putting all your cards on a single smart card? Let us know in the comments!