That’s right, ladies and gents: Apple Pay is getting *that* much more common. It’s time to ditch the credit card and (especially) the cash, and use your iPhone 6 to its full advantage. Apple Pay lets you pay in stores from the convenience of your phone. Forget your wallet? No problem, just whip out your iPhone — it’s that simple! Scroll through to see nine new places we’re thrilled to use Apple Pay.


1. Instacart: We were already huge fans of Instacart because it’s basically the most convenient thing ever. But with Apple Pay, it just got that much better. (photo via Instacart)


2. Lyft: Apple Pay also works on apps, but we’re most excited to use it on Lyft. (photo via @lyft)


3. Laundromat: No. More. Quarters. ‘Nuff said. (photo via Onenineteen)


4. Chevron: Sometimes fueling up can be a pain. Now that Chevron accepts Apple Pay, we’re not so mad about it. (photo via Justin Sullivan/Getty)


5. Panera Bread: Ahhh, one of the easiest places to eat just got easier. Panera now accepts Apple Pay, and we couldn’t be happier. (photo via @Panera Bread)


6. Parking Kiosks: Coins are no longer necessary at some parking kiosks, because who actually carries quarters around these days? (photo via Mr.TinDC)


7. Sephora: That’s right, our favorite place to shop for more makeup than we’d ever need now takes cash, credit AND Apple Pay. (via TechCrunch, photo via @sephora)


8. Vending Machines: A vending machine near you might just be giving you a break if you aren’t carrying any cash. (via Time, photo via Tim Boyle/Getty)


9. Whole Foods: Last but not least, Whole Foods is jumping on the Apple Pay bandwagon. Say hello to a well-stocked fridge! (photo via Whole Foods)

Where are you most excited to use Apple Pay? Chat with us in the comments.