If the smokey smell of incense makes you think of shops full of prayer flags or that hippy roommate you had in college, you need to forget the stereotypes. Burning incense is an awesome way to create a calming atmosphere inside your home, and it also has aromatherapy qualities that can uplift your spirits. Whether you want to DIY a colorful incense holder or you’re ready to find a cozy new scent for the colder months, these 11 chic ways will help you embrace your inner hippy and make your house smell ah-mazing.

1. Brass Ball Holder ($10): So simple, yet so elegant, this pastel color blocked clay dish catches all the ash but also looks pretty when it’s not burning anything.

2. DIY Wood Holder: Make an elegant, Scandinavian-inspired natural wood holder that houses all your incense as well as the one piece that’s burning. A win-win. (via The Merrythought)

3. Blue Geo Holder ($20): We love these handmade geo holders because when they don’t have incense in them, they still are really cute desk accessories or coffee table baubles.

4. Essential Oil Incense ($12): Sometimes the cheaper sticks of incense contain things that aren’t exactly suitable for peace and serenity. Skip the pesky fragrance chemicals and go for this essential oil lavender incense that will instill a sense of calm throughout your house.

5. Cone Incense ($8): You’ll feel like you’ve stepped onto the streets of India with these handmade lavender and patchouli scents. If you don’t love the look of the sticks, pick up these little cones, which sit very discreetly on a pretty dish.

6. Minimal Brass Holder ($35): Banish all those hippy vibes with this uber-chic and elegant brass holder. Seriously, doesn’t it just look like a rad little sculpture?

7. DIY Polymer Clay Holder: Keep that pesky ash under control with a nice and wide catch-all tray made out clay. The best part of clay is that you can etch designs into it or you can dip it in paint to really personalize the piece for display. (via Fall for DIY)

8. Apothecary Herbal Incense ($12): Embrace the flower power with these herbs, resins and flowers. To use loose incense, just put a pinch into a heat-safe dish, make a small mound, light and gently blow out the flame to create an ember.

9. DIY Watercolor Holders: Cut out some geometric shapes and paint them with some fun splashes of paint. These mini holders are perfect if you don’t burn a lot of incense and don’t want a holder that takes up a lot of space. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

10. Brass Leaf Holder ($110): Clean lines and a simple silhouette make this piece a modern sculptural accent. The broad swoop easily catches ash and showcases your latest favorite scent in style.

11. Charcoal Cones ($28): With scents of geranium, rose and mint, these striking black incense cones are a modern update to the classic act of incense burning. Each charcoal cone burns for approximately 15 minutes but will keep your room smelling good for hours.

Do you burn incense? What is your favorite way to display it? Share your tips in the comments below!