With the ever-increasing popularity of the high-waisted jean, it’s no wonder fashion girls want to show off their flattering contours by testing out every creative way to tuck in their tops. But even those that have masted the trend need a little guidance every now and then. So, as per usual, we’re here to help. Scroll on to learn a few simple tricks for conquering the cute tuck and seriously upping your personal 2018 style game.

The Front Tuck: Perhaps the most difficult to tackle, the front tuck is best achieved by tucking in your top completely and then untucking everything *except* the front quarter — about midway between your first and second belt loop from the front. This is a great way of highlighting a special belt buckle or embroidery or denim embellishments. Try this method with anything from a simple tank to a bulky (and oh-so-cozy) cable-knit sweater. There’s really nothing you can’t front tuck.

The Half-Tuck: Probably the most lazy-girl-inspired of the tucks, the half-tuck looks relaxed yet intentional and is pretty much just an all-around dope decision. As with the first method, tuck in your shirt completely before pulling out just a front eighth. Clearly, this looks works best with button-up blouses and more structured tops, but we challenge you to try anything! Pair with a cardigan or blazer to pull off a perfect blend of professional with a dash of messy.

The Full Tuck: We know, we know, it seems simple but somehow it doesn’t always feel simple to integrate into your outfit. Tuck your top tightly into whatever you’re sporting — be it a pencil skirt, trousers, or skinny 501’s — and then lift your arms up and hop on one leg. JK! But seriously, imagine you’re seeing Queen Bey slay the stage and she’s just asked you to put your hands in the air and then voilà, perfect full tuck look achieved!

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Illustrations: Marisa Kumtong