Summertime: a season of sassy pool floats, beach-read-worthy books, and major jet-setting. It can’t all be R + R, though. If you’ve been thinking of launching a side hustle — a project, gig, or biz outside the confines of your day job — this season is the perfect opportunity to stop dreaming and start doing. We’re here to cheer you on toward the starting line of whatever creative or entrepreneurial project you’ve been toying with for what we’re sure is wayyyy too long. We’ve compiled a list of six reasons to chase your goals this summer, so read up, put on some sunscreen, and start hustlin’!

1. Summer is ripe with inspiration. For many of us, summer is full of travels and adventures. Exploring new places and trying new things may give you just the inspiration you need to round out your side hustle plans — and forging new paths will remind you of just how capable you are of taking on other challenges. The summer months may also offer you more opportunities to visit with family and old friends, all of whom can be the perfect sounding board for your passion project.

2. Your schedule may be more flexible. Even if your company doesn’t officially offer summer Fridays (and they should!), we’re willing to bet that there is a little bit more room to play with your work schedule at this time of year. Whether you schedule a few long weekends or set aside a longer chunk of time away from the nine-to-five, freeing up time will give you one less excuse for stalling on your side hustle. Instead of booking an expensive getaway, consider taking a staycation dedicated to brainstorming and rolling up your sleeves to get started.

3. We’re officially halfway through the year. Did launching your side hustle make your list of New Year’s resolutions? If you haven’t quite made it happen yet, we have good news… and we have bad news. The bad: Now that summer’s upon us, you’ve lost a good chunk of the year already. But, we’re more glass-half-full people, so the good news is you still have six months to go! Use this mid-year milestone to help light a fire under your tush, so that when it’s time to swap out your calendar in December, you’ll have made serious progress toward your goals.

4. Summer weather is good for your creative juices. Science has explored it, but personal experiences prove it — a little sun and some warmer temperatures are amazing for the soul. Your energy is probably up, your mood may have improved, and suddenly, you might just find yourself motivated to get out there, socialize, and make things happen. Don’t waste those positive vibes. Use them to fuel your hustle!

5. Sometimes, all you need is a new season. The symbolism of a new season can be a great motivator all in itself. Decide that summer will be your moment to pick up momentum, and it will be. In the words of parents and soccer coaches everywhere, attitude is everything.

6. Because… why wait ’til fall? When autumn rolls around, you’ll suddenly feel the weight of chillier temperatures and the stress of the upcoming holidays. Don’t wait for an opportunity to make a whole new set of excuses. Now is your time!

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