You get it. We're obsessed with summer. We love the popsicles, we love the campfires, and we really love sunglasses. As far as style goes, summer is one of the most empowering seasons. A muted floral top with bright orange neon hoops? Sure. A white linen sundress with a lime green one-piece peeking from underneath even though you’re nowhere near the beach? But of course. The more color, texture, and fun, the better.

When the fine folks at Nordstrom asked us to put together a summery look highlighting their Trouvé collection, we were immediately excited. The collection embodies everything we love about summer fashion: bright saturated hues, bold angular cuts, and just the right amount of flutter to inspire summer lovin’. This colorful look is perfect for a casual summer wedding, a hot summer night, and is a great basic framework for getting your summer style off to the right start. Oh, and we couldn’t resist throwing in a batch of Kahlua Pudding Pops. They're essential for summer survival. ;)

1. Tory Burch Seahorse iPhone Case ($48): We wouldn't be us if we didn't kick things off with a little Apple swag. For fangirls rather than fanboys, this colorful case would be right at home with Sebastian, Flounder and Ariel.

2. Trouvé Acid Graffiti Scarf ($48): Tie dye is so 1992, or 1968, or 2012? Ok tie dye is timeless, but we love the look of this electrifying acid-dyed scarf. The texture is soft but the hues are hard, creating a totally gorgeous juxtaposition. Drape this over for shoulders for an evening look, loop around the neck for a casual afternoon, wear it as a headband to save an unruly up-do, or don it as an improvised sarong if all you've got is a one-piece and a lunch date. ;)

3. Trouvé Asymmetrical Maxi Dress ($50): The totem of this look is this simple, beautiful, asymmetrical maxi dress. The loose fit keeps you cool in the summertime without sacrificing clean lines and a flattering cut. There's something very Grecian about it, like you could wear it lazing on a sailboat along the Mediterranean for days on end. Oh, if only.

4. Gray Smartphone Wallet ($33): Your seahorse case needs a stylish home too. This darling smartphone wallet fits your phone, cash, cards, and even a small lip gloss, ear buds, and gum.

5. Emi-Jay Summer Hair Ties ($7): Starting the day with your hair down is commendable, but you know it's gonna end up in a pony, especially if a dance floor is involved. These Emi-Jay ties are made from a soft, stretchy material that doesn't pull or dent your hair, no matter how much you get your dance on. They come in just about every color but we love the "summer" set.

6. Steve Madden Saahti Sandal ($70): We love the fact that maxi dresses give flats a really good name. This pair of Steve Maddens pairs the now-traditional gladiator sandal with a pop of hot pink neon which is sure to bring out your hot pink lipstick.

7. Essie Resort Collection 4-Pack ($17): It's good to have a reliable rotation of nail polish colors that coordinate if you've got a summer of travel ahead of you. You never know when a chipped bit of polish might turn into the best DIY nail art you've ever come up with. Plus, these 4 polishes would make a killer Ombre Manicure.

8. Michael Kors Aviators ($99): We always come back to aviators. This Michael Kors set of sunnies screams summer, with a clear frame blending into a playful pink. Lovely.

9. Architecture Square Stackable Ring ($135): Fingers can be a little finicky in summer. They swell if you're walking around, the shrink immediately in the pool or ocean, and they still haven't perfected DrawSomething. This subtle stackable ring by Elizabeth and James is slender and sweet, and adds a classical bit of beauty to any daring summer look.

10. Kahlua Pudding Pops: What's in your summer survival kit? Kahlua Pudding Pops, we presume! If you're packing a beach bag, make sure to pop a few of these babies in the cooler. You can even make super mini ones to stash in your clutch!

What trends are you loving for Summer 2012? Any items in this look that you absolutely love? Let us know in the comments below or say hi on Twitter.

This content series is brought to you by Trouvé at Nordstrom. Trends at the right price.