Summertime is an exceptional season when it comes to eating your veggies. You’ve got fresh corn on the cob, summer squash, eggplant and so much more. With an abundance of fresh flavor coming right off the farm, it’s hard to choose just one way to eat your vegetables. But don’t worry, because now you don’t have to pick! We’ve got nine veggies that are in season right now, with two ways to make each of them. And with these 18 recipes, summer’s hottest ingredients are always the stars.


1. Summer Corn Succotash: Corn is at its freshest and sweetest during summer, so put it to good use in a savory succotash. Serve this corn, bean and chickpea dish as a side or on top of a bed of greens for a main dish. (via Nutrition Stripped)

2. Sweet Corn and Pesto Crostini: We promise this will become your go-to summer appetizer. Charred corn — grilling it brings out a smokey, sweet flavor — tops off crunchy bread and a nutty basil and goat cheese pesto spread. (via Little Market Kitchen)


3. Skinny Pad Thai: Skip the carbs and use zucchini noodles instead. Top your noodles with garlicky shrimp and even more yummy veggies. (via Super Golden Bakes)

4. Zucchini, Potato and Tomato Casserole: How gorgeous is this layered vegetable casserole? Not only does it have super seasonal zucchini, it’s also layered with in-season tomatoes, potatoes and onions. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s topped with a healthy helping of parmesan cheese too. (via The Veg Life)


5. Eggplant and Cherry Flatbread: You’d probably never think to put these two seasonal ingredients together, but the earthy flavor of eggplant paired with summer cherries is absolutely mouthwatering. Add toasty pine nuts and Colby Jack on top of naan bread and you’ve got something seriously magical. (via She Knows)

6. Deconstructed Eggplant Parmesan Sliders: No sauces or condiments are needed with these sliders. They’re loaded with lightly fried eggplant, fire-roasted red peppers and super creamy burrata cheese. Can you say yum? (via Vodka and Biscuits)


7. Cinnamon Ice Cream With Maple Radishes: Veggies for dessert? Absolutely! This homemade cinnamon ice cream, made with just cinnamon and bananas, is topped with candied radishes that have been roasted with sweet maple syrup. (via Veggie Desserts)

8. Crispy Pickled Radishes: Move over deli pickles, there’s a new crunch in town. And it comes in the form of peppery, vinegary pickled radishes that need just 48 hours to marinate. (via Mister Martha)


9. Pickled Okra Potato Salad: Can’t spot the okra? That’s because it’s hidden in this summer potato salad. But don’t worry — the vinegary vegetable is the real star of this show by adding a spicy kick to the creamy salad. (via Let’s Be Yummy)

10. Bharwan Bhindi Stuffed Okra: If you think the South has a hold on okra, think again. This Indian dish is made by stuffing fresh okra with a spicy and delicious vegetarian filling. (via Sinfully Spicy)


11. Cucumber Stackers: Here’s an after-work snack that’s deliciously healthy. Seasonal cucumbers serve as “bread” in these bites stuffed with cheese, carrots and fresh tomato. Pair it with a light ranch dipping sauce for a a little extra. (via Brittany’s Pantry)

12. Chilled Cucumber and Avocado Soup: If you think soups aren’t for summer, think again. This version is refreshing because it’s made with cooling cucumber and creamy avocado, then mixed with cilantro, basil and mint and topped with sweet cherry tomatoes. (via Nerds with Knives)

Bell Peppers

13. Roasted Pepper Crostini: It doesn’t get simpler than this appetizing bite. Roast your favorite peppers (from spicy to sweet, they’re all in season right now!) on the grill right next to some olive oil-brushed crusty bread. Then put the two ingredients together. (via Kitchen Treaty)

14. Chakchouka: This is one breakfast you’re going to want to wake up to! Poached eggs sit on a bed of sweet and spicy tomato, bell peppers and spices. It’s a savory way to start the day and will keep you full for a long time. (via Sugar Et Al)


15. Beet Hummus: If the color alone didn’t hook you, you’ll dig the flavors in this twist on hummus. The earthy beet flavor blends with traditional chickpea hummus for a light taste that goes great on everything from sandwiches to crackers. (via Not Your Standard)

16. Beet Grilled Cheese: The only thing better than a grilled cheese sandwich is one with beets in the middle! Stuff crunchy bread with goat cheese, beets and scallions for a new take on a classic. And if you’re feeling extra seasonal, try making this guy on the grill. (via Last Ingredient)

Sugar Snap Peas

17. Beef and Snap Pea Stir Fry: Forget take-out, you can get all the Chinese flavor you love in a healthier version made at home. Sugar snap peas add tons of crunch to this ginger and garlic beef dish. (via Trampling Rose)

18. Snap Peas and Mint-Pea Pesto: Before they go out of season, get all the delicious flavor of fresh summer peas in this salad. It’s doubled up on peas with the sugar-snap version tossed in a frozen pea and mint pesto. You’ll surely be asking, “May I have some more peas?” (via Flying Fourchette)

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