Before we get to all sorts of yummy Super Bowl snacks and sweets, it’s time to tackle the art of how to host the ultimate viewing party. Aside from football-shaped cookies and buffalo wings, it’s easy to take your party to the next level with decorations, serveware, and, of course, temporary face tattoos.

1. Tailgate Club Sandwich Bar: Ok ok, we said this wouldn’t just be about food but… we love this chalkboard table sandwich bar. So cute. (via For Rent)

2. Red Solo Cup Cozy: If you’re not up for getting the keg but can’t resist the crimson gorgeousness of a red solo cup, go for the kookie variety.

3. Game Face: Temporary tattoos… for your entire face. Perfect for people who love face paint but lack artistic talent.

4. Football Foodie Goodies: If you’re cooking up a feast, you’ll need football shaped cake pans, cheese boards, and birthday candles, oh my!

5. Football Field Flatbread: Decor and food in one. Win.

6. Grass Flats Centerpiece: (via Chandelier Events)

7. The Go Plate: That’s right. A plate designed for eating wings, chips, sliders, and drinking beer all at the same time. Thank you Amazon.

8. Football Nails: Make sure your mani matches your team colors!

9. Snack Table: Love this playful snack table! Perfect for the kid’s room. (via Parents)

10. Bloomin’ Beers: Make playful floral arrangements with blooms and cozies, or even use old beer cans + bottles. (via 1-800-Flowers)

11. Pull Out All the Stops: For a party that’s sure to be the bee’s knees, make sure you’ve got decor, drinks, food, and games.(via Real Simple)

12. Picnic Table Condiment Set: Maybe this doesn’t relate directly to football… but it makes us think of BBQs and summertime and tailgating so, here it is :)

13. Sandwich Wrap: An easy printable to add a special touch to that 40 foot sub you ordered. (via For Rent)

14. Football Tablescape: Too bad the Jets weren’t even close to the Super Bowl this year… ;( (via Chandelier Events)

15. Go Vintage: Love the vintage vibe of this party scene. (via Hello My Sweet)

16. Party Lights: Don’t forget topical string lights!

17. Goodie Bags + Jars: Create take-away goodie bags and jars for all your guests, or for snacking on during the game (who needs the germs from that giant popcorn bowl?). (via Divine Party Concepts)

18. Awesomeness from Oriental Trading: It’s hard to pick just a few items to highlight when it comes to Oriental Trading, but may we suggest a Beer Mug Stand-Up, Mini Air Blaster Horns, or Football Stress Balls?

19. Football Paper Lanterns: Even a night of football watching can be romantic, right?

20. Foosball Coffee Table: Play your own bowl during the commercials!

What fun football finds have you stumbled across during football season? Will you watch the Super Bowl this year? Talk to us in the comments below.