With a switch of your status, you became Facebook official, shouting to the world that your single days were over. You shared your engagement party pics, a few (very carefully curated) bachelorette party photos and almost every one of those crazy-beautiful black and white wedding portraits. Now you’re taking the next step and — it’s baby time! The test turned pink, purple or spit out a little tiny plus sign, and that’s major news. But right now, your about-to-be baby bump is only common knowledge to you and your baby daddy. Check out these cute and creative ways to spill your secret and announce you’re pregnant on social media.

Pregnancy walk around the city

1. Dress up your dog. Right now your fur-baby is the center of your “parenting” life. In nine months, Fido or Fifi will need to start sharing the spotlight. That said, right now your precious pup can still play a starring role and help you with your pregnancy announcement. DIY your dog an “I’m getting a human brother!” or “It’s a… human!” shirt or make an announcement sign to prop up in front of your pooch. Snap the pic and post on IG for everyone to see.

2. Bake a cake. FB and IG are packed with Pinterest-worthy pastries. You don’t have to be on the level of Top Chef to create your own cake-y announcement. Bake a few cupcakes (or an entire cake) and frost them with pink and blue colors. Add icing question marks, take the photo and put it on your page!

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3. Bring out the baby photos. Josh Duhamel and Fergie used this trick in 2013 to announce their pregnancy on Instagram. The couple created a super-sweet collage of their own baby pictures for their social media tell.

4. Advertise an all-out alcohol giveaway. You’ve got quite the pinot collection going and your friends know you as THE craft beer expert. But now, you’re strictly sober for the next three trimesters. Line up those bottles, take a picture and post it with a comment that says, “Free to good home — at least for nine months!”

5. Post a “not a” #throwbackthursday. That’s what Doutzen Kroes did with her baby bump Instagram pic. When it’s the second (or third, or fourth) time around, announce your newest addition with a photo that looks almost identical to your last prego post (and do it on a Thursday!). Add a comment that tells your friends and family this isn’t a year or two ago, it’s right now.

6. Surprise your spouse. Okay, so you want to tell your spouse/partner/boyfriend that baby’s on board now — before you let everyone on your friends list know. That doesn’t mean you can’t surprise the dad-to-be and then post the reaction as your awesome announcement. Have your camera (or the video function on your phone) ready to go when your guy unwraps a positive pregnancy test, sees the hilarious “bun in the oven” that you’ve baked or starts crying over the sweet, sweet surprise that you’ve set up for him. Post their surprised look as your baby’s on the way announcement.

7. Show what you’re shopping for. You plus a shopping cart filled with onesies could only equal one thing, right? Ask a store staff member to take your picture as you shop for baby. Instagram it with a comment that says something along the lines of, “Just picking up a few things we’ll need in nine months!”

8. Pen a poem too. When actress Jena Malone took to Instagram with her baby bump picture, she also posted some poetic prose that she had written herself. If you’re not exactly a wordsmith, don’t worry; add a few lines from your favorite baby or mother-centered piece of lit.

9. Give a sneak peak of the baby’s nursery. As far as your friends know, that second bedroom is your combination guest room/home office/place to stash the overflow of shoes that you probably never needed. But, in a few trimesters, it will be the baby’s room. Clear it out now (you’re going to have to at some point anyway) and paint a few possible color swatches on the wall — think soft pink and (duh) baby blue. Post a picture of the new decor with a cute caption.

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