The worst part about trying to eat healthy? A plate full of green vegetables isn鈥檛 always the heartiest of meals. If your stomach starts grumbling less than an hour after dinner, it probably won鈥檛 be long before you break down and hit the snack drawer (the one where you keep your Dunkaroo dip, not the聽healthy snack swaps). So here聽are four simple聽ingredients you can add into your diet to fill you up. Spoiler alert: The common denominator in all of these is more protein or fiber.

Chia seed pudding with berries

1. Chia seeds: Chia seeds are basically a health-food powerhouse. They鈥檙e full of essential vitamins and minerals, omega-3s, protein and the key to their feeling-full factor, fiber. The fiber in chia seeds absorbs water and expands in your stomach, helping you to feel more satisfied after a meal. Sprinkle them on salads, smoothies, yogurt 鈥 pretty much anything!


2. Hummus: Beans and chickpeas are full of fiber, making hummus more potentially filling than you might think. But you鈥檙e probably not eating it by the spoonful, so you should also take into account the nutrition and fiber factor in your dipping mechanism of choice. Think whole grain pitas over white and, better yet, some crudite.

Toast with avocado and egg

3. Avocado: Is there anything avocados can鈥檛 do? You probably already know that they鈥檙e an insane source of healthy, monosaturated fats, but what you may not be aware of is how intensely packed with fiber they are too. One avocado has about 13.5 grams of the stuff. We鈥檇 tell you how to eat it, but聽if you鈥檝e been anywhere near the Internet in the last five years, you probably already have more than enough avocado recipes.

4. Lentils: A 1/4 cup of lentils has about 3.9 grams of fiber and 4.5 grams of protein.聽Fiber + protein = crazy-filling meal. Try聽using them in a soup, salad聽or curry.

greek yogurt

5. Greek yogurt: Whether you鈥檙e eating yogurt on its own, adding it to smoothies or plopping it on a dish as a sour cream substitute, go for a Greek option. It鈥檚 packed with protein for better staying power. Mix it with some berries and you鈥檒l get a nice fiber boost too.

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