Remember when snack was an official meal of the day? If you were good and got lucky, you’d get some Dunkaroos — the incredible cookie, frosting and sprinkles treat. Well, snack is back! But this time, it’s here with everything from healthy hacks to even more sinful versions of the real thing. Any way you decide to hack it, these recipes are arguably better than the real thing. Scroll on for 9 Dunkaroo dips that will have you in ultimate throwback snack attack heaven.


1. Cheesecake Dip: The addition of cheesecake pudding mix makes this Dunkaroo dip extra rich and creamy. Make it for snack, dessert or just because! (via Wine and Glue)


2. Cake Batter Dip: Here’s a version with all the cake-batter flavor we love, minus the oil and egg. Plus it whips up in just minutes, with only *four* ingredients. (via Fresh April Flours)


3. Dunkaroos Cake: It’s a Dunkaroos part-ay! Imagine all that dunkable goodness baked into a cake. BRB, planning a ’90s throwback bake off. (via Betty Crocker)


4. Dunkaroos No-Churn Ice Cream: What’s a Dunkaroos party without Dunkaroos ice cream? This no-churn vanilla comes with Teddy Graham *and* sprinkle mix-ins. Pair with a Ho-Ho-inspired cake for the all-time best throwback dessert combo. (via Delish)


5. Rainbow Chip Dunkaroos: Here’s a new twist on the old fave. Switch out the sprinkles for bigger, chunky rainbow chips and serve at your next get-together. (via Betty Crocker)


6. Funfetti Dip: This dip gets its creaminess from fat-free yogurt and whipped topping. After one bite, you’ll never go back to the real thing. (via Fake Ginger)


7. Skinny Funfetti: Remove half the Cool Whip and splurge with extra sprinkles for this delish take on the OG recipe. Now you can have a few bowls for dunking without feeling too guilty. (via The Skinny Fork)


8. Dunkaroo Protein Dip: Add a scoop of whey protein to the yogurt and Cool Whip, for this healthy take on Dunkaroo dip that’s fit for power snackers. (via Campus Protein)


9. Homemade Dunkaroos: This one’s for the foodies in the house. Made with home-baked graham cracker cookies and homemade whipped cream, it’s the real grown-up Dunkaroo dip. (via Threads and Blooms)

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