I hope you鈥檒l believe me when I say Earth Day is my third favorite holiday. For me, it goes Christmas, Thanksgiving and then Earth Day. You might think it鈥檚 a little unusual, and maybe it is, but I am passionate about sustainability and caring for the environment. I love that we have a day to celebrate our planet!

It鈥檚 surprisingly easy to incorporate eco-friendly habits into your life. I try to treat every day like Earth Day (which is probably why it鈥檚 my third favorite holiday and not my first) by making conscious efforts to reduce waste. Whether it鈥檚 composting my food scraps or unplugging gadgets when they鈥檙e not in use, every little bit counts. Today, we鈥檙e showing you how to celebrate Earth Day in the best way possible: with a sustainable and healthy picnic. Read on to see five essentials for the best Earth Day picnic!

1.Locally Grown Produce: Have you guys heard of the great company Imperfect Produce? They鈥檙e the best! 20 percent of produce grown in the US doesn鈥檛 make it to grocery stores because they鈥檙e too small or misshapen. Imperfect Produce takes those 鈥渦gly鈥 fruits and veggies and delivers them right to your door. They totally hooked us up with beautiful seasonal and locally grown produce to bring our picnic to the next level.

If you aren鈥檛 able to sign up with Imperfect Produce because you鈥檙e outside of their current region, head to a farmers鈥 market! Buying seasonal and locally grown produce is a great way to get the freshest fruits and veggies while also being kind to the environment. It takes less fuel to transport produce in state rather than across countries.

2.DIY Denim Picnic Blanket: Okay, how cute is this picnic blanket?! Trust me when I say that it鈥檚 also super comfy and easy to make, AND you鈥檙e doing Earth a kindness by upcycling old clothes. Cut or rip patches from old jeans from the bottom of your dresser, from friends鈥 closets, or from a thrift store. Make your patches different sizes, but know that the smaller your patches, the more sewing you鈥檒l have to do if you want to make your blanket large enough.

Sew your cut and ripped patches together to make a larger patch, then sew the larger patches together to form a blanket. We recommend arranging the patches on the floor to map out exactly how you鈥檇 like your pattern to look. Trim loose threads but keep a raw edge around the blanket.

To make a blanket that comfortably sits two adults and a huge picnic spread, it took about a day. The steps themselves aren鈥檛 hard; it just takes time. Spread the work out over a few days and your blanket will be done in no time. :)

3.The Perfect Picnic Sandwich: The perfect picnic sandwich changes depending on the time of year and the produce that season. For a springtime Earth Day picnic, we stuffed our sammies with cucumbers, radishes, and spinach and held it all together with organic cream cheese. If you need a little more protein, slide in a few slices of turkey. Wrap your sandwiches in paper that you can later recycle or compost, and enjoy!

4.Fruit-Infused Water in Reusable Glass Bottles: Never say water is boring again by infusing it with seasonal fruits. Springtime citruses are amazing in water. Fill up a reusable bottle, like these Swig Savvy Glass Bottles ($20), with sliced lemons, limes, and oranges, and chill in a cooler before breaking them out. Healthy, sustainable, and delicious!

5.Packed Food in Reusable Tins: Speaking of using reusable glass bottles, eliminate waste by buying tins for your food. We love this Mannice Insulated Bentos Stainless Steel Stacking Lunch Box ($33) and the Bare Ware Stainless Steel Lunch Box Set ($25) from Amazon. They鈥檙e both lightweight, compact, and can be used again and again.

Cheers to sustainability!

鈥淧ass me a radish, please.鈥

Produce galore!

How much watermelon is too much watermelon? Four? Five?

Life is good, guys :)

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DIY Production + Styling: Anita Yung and Irene Lee
Photography: Kurt Andre