We鈥檙e always up for expanding our career options through聽creative conferences and networking with coworkers, potential new mentors, collaborators or friends. That鈥檚 why we were extra intrigued when we heard about 鈥渟weatworking,鈥 a new trend that combines two of our fave things: networking like a pro and聽fitness (hello, efficiency!). We reached out to Didi Wong, a workplace expert, wellness coach and yogi, who tells us that there are聽right and wrong ways to do it. Scroll on to read her five fool-proof tips to turn your next sweat sesh into a potential work sesh!

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1. Be approachable. Sweatworking is all about being healthy and connecting with like-minded people who love to take care of themselves as much as you do. Didi says, 鈥淕ive off good energy by smiling, and take the opportunity to start up a conversation whenever possible and, most importantly, when it feels natural.鈥

2.聽Start genuine conversations. Not sure how to say hello or introduce yourself? Didi tells us that using something you have in common is always a good way to begin. For example, if you鈥檙e both in a cycling class together and you really enjoyed a particular song that paired perfectly with the 鈥渟print鈥 section of the class, you could say, 鈥榃ow, that Beyonce song was so motivating 鈥斅營 totally pushed myself to the limit there!鈥欌 Didi notes, 鈥淎 small conversation can pave the way for more conversations in the same class at the same time next week, and as time goes by, you can truly establish a rapport with the person. After all, you just never know what a newfound friendship can bring, business or otherwise!鈥

Didi鈥檚 biggest caveat? Blatantly asking a boring question like 鈥淲hat do you do?鈥 right off the bat. 鈥淚t鈥檚 an age-old conversation starter that doesn鈥檛 surprise and delight,鈥 she says.

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3.聽Wear clothes that give you confidence. It鈥檚 important to feel confident in whatever you鈥檙e wearing, so make it a point to rock apparel that helps you radiate positive vibes and confidence. Didi says, 鈥淚nvest in stylish, comfortable activewear, and be proud of your body. If you carry favorable vibes with you while working out, you鈥檒l open the door for good people 鈥 and potentially good opportunities 鈥 to come into your life.鈥

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Didi tells us that wearing clothes that are inappropriate or ill-fitting is a major don鈥檛. 鈥淲hether you鈥檙e just uncomfortable or look downright unpresentable, you鈥檒l only draw attention to yourself in a way that may prevent what could have been a future business partner or collaborator from approaching you 鈥斅爐he complete opposite of what sweatworking is all about!鈥

4. Compliment like you mean it. Didi shares, 鈥淧eople LOVE to hearing positive comments, whether it is about how they motivate you to keep up with the gym or how great their yoga poses are.鈥 She reminds us that it鈥檚 super easy to compliment someone and suggests you do it often and sincerely.

5.聽Stay focused on your workout. Though being open to sweatworking means you鈥檙e more open to making a new friend or chatting about what you do outside of your exercise, it鈥檚 important to stay focused on your workout too. Didi says, 鈥淏e present to each move you make and each breath you take. Not only does this powerfully boost your serotonin, which helps improve your overall mood, but it may also impress someone so much, that he or she ends up approaching you to praise you on the impressive mountain climbers or how well you do push-ups!鈥

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