Tinder has become the go-to way to meet and date. For some of us, however, our Tinder status isn’t one we’d like to share with mom, or anyone else for that matter. If you’ve got a secret Tinder profile, you might be outed very soon thanks to a new subscription based website that outs your account.


Swipebuster is a new website that allows people to search for your Tinder profile, how active you are on it and what gender of person you’ve been looking for on the site. The cost of signing up is low (under five dollars for three searches) and users can search by name, location and gender.

The founder of Swipebuster who, surprise surprise, remains anonymous, spoke with Vanity Fair and argued that they created the app not to find cheaters, but to prove the Internet is not a secure place to share personal information. But we’re not buying it. It seems like Swipebusters is exactly for finding out if your new boyfriend or girlfriend still has an active profile on the app, or if your spouse might be browsing the site. And of course, vice versa.

The privacy issue isn’t limited to potential cheaters, however. Swipebuster could especially be a problem for people who, for example, might want to keep their sexual orientation private at work or might be in a more open relationship and would rather keep their Tinder profiles private. Although the founder argues that their purpose is purely altruistic in helping expose privacy concerns, they’ve gone ahead and created something that could cause a lot of headaches for people using Tinder on the down-low.

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(h/t Vanity Fair)