Forget the question of whether you’ve been naughty or nice. That’s old school. What we really want to know is… have you been TACKY this holiday season? We’re talking about our favorite holiday tradition again—the tacky sweater—and the time has finally come to present our contest winners! Prepare your eyes for something ugly.

1. Mega Christmas Sweater: Okay, first we were impressed by the tacky sweater coordination that this office pulled off. Upon closer inspection, we realized that they created one GIANT tacky Christmas sweater. WHAT?! Mind=blown. Congratulations, you guys are the tackiest of the holiday season. SERIOUS props.

2. Tacky Cardigan + Snowman: Is it a sweater vest? A cardigan? A sweater? Don’t matter! It’s tacky. The accompanying sing-along snowman really makes it.

3. Tacky Bunch: You know what they say about friends (or coworkers) that get tacky together? We’re not sure either… but it probably involves a lot of Christmas cheer.

As we mentioned in our announcement post, our grand prize winner will receive $250 and the each runner-up will receive 1 holiday Brit Kit of their choice from the B+C Shop.

Now, for a few honorable mentions…


Tacky Christmas Couple: We can spot a DIY when we see one, and that sweater is handmade and awesome. Also, if your guy dresses up as an elf, you know he’s a keeper ;)

Seriously Tacky: We found out that some people might take this tacky sweater thing even more seriously than we do. Tacky sweater? Check. Turtleneck? Check. Tacky vest? Check! Awesome photo? Check, check, check!

Tropical + Tacky: Do you spot the flamingo on this tacky sweater? It’s pretty tropically tacky. Also, bonus points for the pups.

What’s your favorite holiday tradition? Let us know in the comments below!